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Mike Yesunas, CEO and Certified Professional Inspector

Mike moved to the Crystal Coast to be near family after retiring from the Navy.  He's been visiting Swansboro and the surrounding areas to visit family and vacation for more than 30 years, and he and his wife decided to make it home.


Mike is a United States Naval Academy graduate and served as a Navy helicopter pilot for 25 years.  As a functional check pilot, he was personally responsible for checking every system on the aircraft to ensure safety of flight.  As an instructor pilot, he was personally responsible for making sure his other pilots were prepared to perform their assign mission.  Every time he went up, the thought that drove his decisions was whether he would safely put his wife and children on the aircraft.  If it wasn't safe for his family, it wasn't safe for anyone else's family.  He brings that same approach home inspections to ensure the safety of his clients and their families.  

As the Navy moved him around the world, he owned 5 homes and lived in more than 13 others!  Mike did extensive work or remodeled many of them, and always studied and understood every system in the houses he lived in and worked on.  He has a passion for understanding how systems work and providing a simple explanation of them. 

Mike's military experience also afforded him the opportunity to understand construction and quality assurance.  He commanded a Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan, responsible for building schools, roads, and other government infrastructure.  Additionally, Mike commanded Naval Magazine Indian Island in WA, where he was responsible for construction, infrastructure and facilities of a Navy weapons station.  His knowledge and experience in the military directly carries over to home inspection.  Mike brings his attention to detail, efficiency, and sensible solutions to his clients. He has been in business since 2020.

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